Celebrations of the Spirit Rev. Melinda Angstadt
Celebrations of the SpiritRev. Melinda Angstadt

                       Rev. Diane Trieb

Rev. Diane Trieb is a graduate of
The Seminary for Spiritual Peacemaking.
She is a writer and teacher of Heart-Centered Empowerment.
As a counselor, group facilitator and spiritual teacher -
She gathers people together in teaching groups
to learn the skills of Heart-Centered Empowerment.
Diane believes in the power of group teaching,
group learning and group practice.
She facilitates community and communion, as she
teaches the skills for accessing the Power of Unconditional Love
centered in your Heart.
Her desire is that every human being more fully knows their value.....
And more fully knows the important purpose of their lives.
Diane facilitates the group learning process with wisdom, devotion and joy.



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